Diaper Bank of NWA provides diapers and diaper accessories to the disadvantaged families of the community that are unable to afford them.  This includes babies, toddlers, special needs persons, and seniors.  Diaper Bank of NWA also serves to raise awareness of the diaper need in the community.



The families in our community need our help to keep their families happy and healthy.   This is why diapers are needed:

1). 1 in 3 families have issues with providing enough diapers for their children.

2). These families are having to make a choice between bills and diapers. Thus, making diapers become a luxury rather than a necessity.

3). The average annual cost of diapers is $1000+ per child.

4). No federal programs currently provide assistance for the purchase of diapers and diaper accessories.

5). Programs such as WIC and Food Stamps do not pay for or provide diapers and diaper accessories to these families.

6). Diapers are required by daycares for babies left in their care.  By not being able to afford the diapers, parents are not able to use daycare and therefore not work.  

7). This creates the issue known as "Diaper Need".


A Diaper Bank is the storehouse that supplies diapers to Partnering Agencies.  The Partnering Agencies give the diapers to the specific families in need.   A Diaper Bank collects the diapers and diaper accessories from other members of the community through Diaper Drives and also individuals and businesses to provide monetary and in-kind donations to sustain the supply.


1 in 3 families in America struggle to afford diapers.

In NWA, there are over 27,000 children living below the poverty line.  

With the average cost of $2,000 per year per child for disposable diapers, this basic human need is not being met.